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  • Seadrus

    I'm back

    August 13, 2013 by Seadrus

    Ok... So I have a new interest.. I like wikidot better than wikia... but that's ok! I try to start contributing moer often, now armed with some new experience, better code knowledge, and.... thats it! BTW the favicon needs fixin'

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  • Seadrus


    May 18, 2013 by Seadrus

    Ok... JaredJ has redacted five of my CII's - I do not see why! If he has a good explanation, I would like to see it! I spent a lot of time on all six of my CII's - I would at least like my data back, or maybe some warning next time he tries to delete one of my creations!

    -- Agent Blackout

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  • Seadrus


    May 9, 2013 by Seadrus

    Hello, my name is Agent Seadrus Blackout. You may call Agent Blackout, Agent Black, whatever you want. I have an ability that is uncommon among the mortal race; I can 'befreind' anomalous objects. I have been in subjective training with numerous SCP's. I have discover 6 CII's so far, and I'm on the verge of a new discovery; It's located in ███████. I hope you enjoy my discoveries.

    --Agent Blackout

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