Writing this blog because the 'how to write a CII' page doesn't have something that is important.. so that's why some people make mistakes during the making of the CIIs.. Note that this ISN'T the additional 'how to write a CII', as I am not disrespecting the page itself.. it's a bit hard to understand some details without the amissed things that I will add right now.

Every CII page needs to have the following:

Item Class - It depends on the creature itself, but it is important to add it! (NO! I am not the one who made these rules! Jared did.. sooo.. feel free to complain to me as well. But your complaints will be IGNORED!)

Date of containment - This is optional. You don't need to put it, unless you want to.. it is not needed to put the date of the containment of CII.

Containment - Details of where the CII is placed, in what area of the containment wing. Example: "CII-005 is to be kept in Base 4's Xeno Containment Wing, within 15 x 15 m room, further contained in a 5 x 5 ft safe." <----- That is just an example...

Description - Details of the CII itself. What is it? Where it came from? Where did they find it? The same stuff goes for the SCP Foundation.. Example: "CII-016 is a 5 ft 6 inch tall humanoid of European descent. It is clothed in typical knight armor of the 11th century. It wields a sword, approximately 65 inches in height, that the item wields with superhuman accuracy. The sword is designated as CII-016-1." NOTE: It's important to add a bit more details to it, because then the people would 'understand' the item itself.

Quantity - Do they come in shape, size and such, there are some typical CII's that also come in numbers.. No, they will not be designated as CII- something something... (nuff said).. Example: "Item number and quantity of the Apex Armor: 5"

Additional notes - Yes.. it is important... why? I has no idea.. No seriously.. I don't get the point of additional noting.. But.. if the researcher has something to say about the item itself, he/she 'notes' it.

Test - Use Test Subjects on a CII.. Eff yea! Let's do this shizzle! xD Just kidding.. It's.. kind of important.. Well.. guess it is... Just throw random Test Subjects at them and done.. note that you will have to add the details of the Subject itself.. whenever if he was a co-worker in a company, or a nurse, or what ever!

Additionals - Um.. well.. um.. what to add here.. audio logs? addendums? I got nothing.. -_-

That's about it..

Note: JARED! This is NOT an official 'how to write a CII'.. I just added certain things that people need to know.. DON'T DELETE IT! Please.. ;-; I will delete it if needed..


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