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  • Sawgirl

    To write a CII...

    March 5, 2013 by Sawgirl

    Writing this blog because the 'how to write a CII' page doesn't have something that is important.. so that's why some people make mistakes during the making of the CIIs.. Note that this ISN'T the additional 'how to write a CII', as I am not disrespecting the page itself.. it's a bit hard to understand some details without the amissed things that I will add right now.

    Every CII page needs to have the following:

    Item Class - It depends on the creature itself, but it is important to add it! (NO! I am not the one who made these rules! Jared did.. sooo.. feel free to complain to me as well. But your complaints will be IGNORED!)

    Date of containment - This is optional. You don't need to put it, unless you want to.. it is not needed to put the date o…

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  • Sawgirl

    Hey guys, Starna here.. this is my first blog in this wikia... *totally not ranting 'bout it!*

    This wiki has only 15 pages, but I somehow managed to edit a bit of them.. The first time I showed up, I noticed some mistakes and added spaces.. Let's make one thing clear about me.. I HATE MISTAKES AND ADDING SPACES! IF I SEE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING MISTAKES, I WILL BE FORCED TO EDIT IT! NO COMPLAINTS! Once it has been edited, no complaining. Understood? Good..

    Now.. if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask me via message wall, and/or blog comment. The questions will be added to the FAQ, starting of today.

    Just one reminder.. I don't know..>> how to write the CIIs.. it's a bit.. complicated for me.. and since I already have an SCP character…

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