Hi, Jared here.

Here is a contest, anyone and everyone can participate. You must make a logo, for the C.I, and the rules are very simple, but the prize for the winner is large.


1. Must not be a drawing. Yes, I know everyone likes to draw, but it has to look PROFESSIONAL, and like something we would REALLY USE, not a drawing, unless your so good at drawing it looks like a photoshop job or something.

2. No existing images. I am just throwing this in here, you must have something of your OWN DESIGN.

3. You must have a wikia account. I cannot give you the prize without it.

4.It must have the words "Chaos Insurgency" visable, and preferably, large and in the center of your logo.


You get promoted one level higher. If you are already level 4, then, you get bragging rights.

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